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  • I wrestled "Dynamo" Dee this morning. She is welcoming, amusing, intelligent, immensely skilful and fast. Her weak area is her wrists; that's it.  Upper arms and shoulders are strong.  Legs are flexible, move like lightning, come at you from everywhere, and are phenomenally strong.  I like the scissors, but towards the end of the session I was trying to avoid yet more crushing of my body or my head.  And I shall not forget looking up at the pretty, smiling face and hearing the expert commentary on my shortcomings, especially when compared to her overwhelming advantages in ability and leg-power.  This is a real lady, and a great wrestler.  Visit her, and treat her with respect."
  • I met Dynamo at the exclusive 3B venue i.e. the Berkshire Brawling Bowl !  I was welcomed with open arms which quickly became a bearhug!  Before the session started we had a friendly chat. Then Dynamo produced several wrestling outfits and asked me to chose one.  I did so but she wore it as it didn't fit me. When the session began I was soon aware that Dynamo was not only technically very good but also deceptively strong. On the rare occasion that I got the upper hand she either escaped using superb moves or distracted me by chatting and thus talking her way out of trouble! Such was the pace of the wrestling that, on several occasions, Dynamo had to sit down for a breather albeit her seat being my face!  All too quickly the enjoyable session came to an end.  Although it was only semi-competitive there was confusion as to who had come out on top. Several times Dynamo had said submit so I stopped wrestling thinking she had given in.  She claimed though that when she said submit it was in the form of a question and so when I  stopped it was a score to her! There will be no confusion next time Dynamo!!    The Wriggler.
  • hi you guys, just to tell you to hurry up and book a session with dynamo. she is so full of fun, has a great personality and makes a wrestling session so enjoyable. my pal and i have had a few fantastic grapples with her and we now know that blowing raspberry kisses on her tummy not only starts her laughing but makes her determined to get her own back on these two likeable rogues! malcolm

  • I had a fantastic session with Dynamo on 11/02/2009. Dynamo was very quick and skilful. Plus she's very strong for her size, and she never gives up!

    She's a lovely person to talk to, and very nice - at least until she starts putting you into holds...

    You must have a wrestling session with her - I'm so looking forward to the next time she goes up to The Wrestling Factory.

    Dynamo - thank you very much

  • Dynamo 2-0 Skippy

    Yes folks, that is correct, after an hour's hard wrestling action, the score was 2-0 to Dynamo and I congratulate her on a well earned victory.

    For a long period it looked like the match would end 0-0 until Dynamo finally got me in a crab move and I had no option but to submit. There was only five minutes of the session left after that so I was sure I could hold it to 0-1, but Dynamo got me on my back and in a neck hold and I had to submit for a second time in the last 5 minutes!

    Dynamo had already done a long day of session wrestling the day before and so I as at a bit of an advantage. I asked her to wear whatever she preferred to wear when wrestling. You can see the outfit she chose in the previous post. When I saw the durable sports bra and pants she was wearing, I knew she meant business and so did I.

    The first round started with us on our feet getting hold of eachother and before long we were on the ground each trying to get the upper hand and trying to get in a position to control and dominate the opponent. It was a good hard physical struggle and we were evenly matched, though I have no hesitation in admitting that Dynamo is a much more technically skilled wrestler than I am and is excellent at thinking ahead during the session and improvising when she has to. I countered this by being bigger and heavier and more difficult to control. She got my left leg between her legs and gave my glute muscle a good stretch before I escaped. She scissored my body and my head several times but I worled my way clear. I even managed to get up on my feet with Dynamo clasing my neck and scissoring my body. I walked over so as we could see what we looked like. It was one of several humourous moments in a genuine competitive encounter. She is very good at ankle locks and I only just managed to get out of those moves ... but it took all my strength. I managed to get her on her back a couple of times but could not pin her for the full count of 5 ... in truth I could not even start the count at 1 before one of her shoulders was off the ground.

    After 55 mins, Dynamo got the first round when a body scissors of mine backfired. She got onto her feet with my legs around her waiste but I was lying on my back, she moved forward and I was getting crabbed and I did not have the flexibility to withstand the pain that was coming on and I could not get out. I submitted and Dynamo said, "great - that's lunch sorted!" I'd offered to take her to lunch if she beat me.

    We started again, and I knew I could not submit her in the last 5 minutes but had hoped to hold out. Dynamo really went for the second submission and was not going to sit on a 1-0 lead at all. She got me on my back and eventually got my neck as well. She took it good - 2-0 to Dynamo. A memorable match and though I lost I am pleased with my performance and know I was beaten by a genuinely better athlete.

  •  I met Dynamo at Monica's Wrestling Centre. She is a very friendly and fun person who like's to laugh and works hard to give you the type of session you want. I had a semi - competitive session with her (the first session I've had in over a year) and enjoyed every minute. She's got me hooked on doing session's again and i definitely want to do more session's with Dynamo

  • OK, so let's start with a basic statement. I can't hurt Dynamo.

    Now as clear as that sounds, I should point out that statement actually has two simultaneous meanings. First of all, it's a statement of fact, in terms of my strength, stamina and wrestling ability vs hers. I literally cannot hurt her. Or pin her. Or do pretty much anything whatsover on the mats with her, except submit and make her laugh (ocassionally intentionally, but for the most part just at how very useless I was!) So yeah, for my first ever competitive match, it turned out to be not all that competitive at all... I did get out of two holds across the entire hour(ish, D' ain't a clock watcher) so I'm counting those as half points... which would make the final score somewhere in the region of Symon: 1 - Dynamo: I lost count somewhere in the teens.

    OK, so that's the obvious part of that initial statement. But there's another part as well. Aside from my obvious physical limitations in terms of being a bit rubbish, even if I had been stronger, fitter, faster and better than Dynamo, I still couldn't hurt her. Cos she's so just flippin' nice. I mean she was always polite whilst she was bending my elbow in the wrong direction, always had a smile when stretching my legs ways that they really didn't wanna go and she made me a cuppa tea which is always a winner in my book.

    So there ya go. I can't hurt Dynamo. But it was a lot of fun trying!

  • Had a shoot with Dynamo in Woking yesterday. I've wrestled quite a few female wrestlers for various producers in London, the Mids and Manchester and just want to say Dynamo is one of the best - the real deal. Strong, very skilful - oh yes, and a lovely person too. Even when squeezing yet another submission out of you!   You're a star Dynamo. Good luck to you.